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What are farm machinery and equipment?

These are mechanical devices, including tractors and implements, used in farming to save on time, labour and improve on efficiency of farm operations. Farm machines include a great variety of devices with a wide range of complexity: from simple hand-held implements used since prehistoric times to the complex harvesters of modern mechanized agriculture

Benefit of using farm machinery and equipment?

1. Make farm operations more effective, efficient and easier.
2. Saves on time and Labour cost.
3. Increases in productivity per unit area both in crop and livestock farming.
4. Enables farming activities in wide area which would have been impossible by manual labour
5. Allow use of modern technology in farming.

How can I tell if a farm equipment and machinery is right for my needs?

Our staff have experience with hundreds of farm equipments and are experts in assessing and selecting the right equipment for your farm needs. We will analyze your needs and make a recommendation to help you achieve your goals.

What kind of warranty comes with a new implement?

Each new implement sold carries a one-year statutory warranty on manufactured defective parts only from the date of first use, or from the date set out in the sales contract.

Why choose G. north and Son Ltd?
  1. Available back up of spares.
  2. Good after sales service.
  3. High quality machines and equipment.
  4. Experienced Engineers and technicians to select and handle the machines.
What kind of after sales service will I benefit from implements bought from G.North and Son Ltd?

For every equipment sold we have a back up of spares parts which are available. The spares are fitted by our qualified technicians at your request.

What kind of implement/equipment can I get at G.North and Son Ltd?

Land preparation equipment

Ploughs (mouldboard, chisel, disc),Harrows (disc, power),Rotavators, Shredders, Disc bedder, Sub soilers.

Planting Equipment.

Maize planters (mechanical, pneumatic), Wheat planters (mechanical, pneumatic), Minimum tillage planters.

Fertilizer/lime spreaders.

Fertilizer spreaders (rotating disk), Universal lime spreaders.

Spraying equipment.

Mounted boom sprayers, Trailed boom sprayers, Mist blowers/dusters, Wheelbarrow/trolley sprayers, Knapsack sprayers, Manual dusters.

Hay and silage harvesting machines.

Mowers (gyro, disc), Rakes, Teders, Balers, Maize choppers, Forage harvesters, Feed mixers, Silage cutters, Manure spreaders, Chaff cutters.

Dairy machines and equipment.

Milking machines (Portable, stationary) and milking systems, Milking cans, Milk coolers, Cream separators.


Is the milking machine highland or lowland? And what is the difference between the two?

There is nothing like low land and high land milking machines, however, the same machine performs differently in the two areas. In low areas, there is higher pressure density hence the machine works slightly more to create a vacuum unlike on top of a mountain (highland). In kenya , the variation in derating is less than 10%

How big is a single milking bucket?
  • 30liters
How big is a double milking bucket?

It has two buckets, each 30liters.

How much does a double milking bucket cost??
  • 140,000/-
How many cows can be milked at a go with a double bucket milking machine?
  • 8m x 15m complete farmers Kit
  • 8m x 30m complete farmers Kit
Does the machine come with any other components?

No. It’s a complete machine ready to use. However, washing brushes are supplied as standard.

Do you stock Milk coolers?


Can you supply us with Pastuerizers?


If I buy a milk cooler from you, will you offer maintenance?

Yes. Either on contract basis or as per break down

Do you install the equipment you supply?



What is Hospitality department?

G. North and Son’s Hospitality section is in charge of both the Supply of Commercial Laundry and Kitchen Equipment in the company and we therefore have clients in the Hotel, Hospitals, Learning Institutions, Children’s Homes, Apartments, Commercial dry-cleaning shoppe among others.

What are the advantages of an In-house Laundry?

You wouldn’t dream of handing over a valuable business asset to a stranger. And you certainly wouldn’t willingly pay for parting with it. But that’s what you do every time you outsource your businesses laundry. An in-house laundry has the following advantages:

  • Rapid return on investment based on low running costs and lowest costs per wash
  • Significant savings throughout the entire process – water, energy, detergent and time
  • Better wash results (gentle process) – the linen lasts longer
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features, special programs and environmentally-friendly processes
Other than Supply of the Laundry and Kitchen Equipment what other before and after sales service does G. North & Son Ltd offer?
  • Site survey, design and layout of the equipment
  • Transport of equipment to site
  • Installation, commissioning of equipment
  • Training on use, maintenance of the equipment
  • Warranty for one year on the equipment
  • Maintenance service contract on expiry of the warranty period
  • Stocking and supply of spare parts for the equipment
What are some of the Reference clients currently using your Laundry and Kitchen Equipment?

Chain Hotels & Resorts:

  • Heritage Hotels
  • Serena Hotels & Lodges
  • Fairmont Hotels

Learning Institutions:

  • Kenya Utalii College
  • Kenyatta University
  • USIU
  • International School of Kenya
  • Brookhouse School
  • St. Andrews Turi


  • Andrews Apartments
  • Prime Apartments


  • Aga Khan University Hospital
  • Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Defense Forces Memorial Hospital

Childrens Homes:

  • Feed the Children – Dagoreti Childrens Home
  • Huruma Childrens Home
What is the difference between Wet and Dry cleaning equipment?

With wet cleaning the washing machine use water and detergent for the cleaning of the linen, dry cleaning machines on the other hand use a solvent called perchloroethylene.

Are there any preparations to be made before Installation?
  • Adequate space for the equipment
  • Appropriate floor layout planning
  • 3 phase power
  • Drainage for water


what is drip irrigation?

This is an artificial process of application of water to the soil at a slow rate by controlled mechanism of valves tubes and emitters always known as drip lines by use of gravity or pressure systems.

What are the advantages of drip irrigation?
  • Saves water.
  • Saves energy.
  • Increases crop yields.
  • Reduces labor costs
What is a green house?

This is a structure enclosed with a special film for growing crops under controlled environmental conditions.

What are the advantages of a green house?
  • Increases crop yields.
  • Enhances early crop maturity.
  • Protects crops from pests and diseases.
  • Protects the crops from destructive winds and rains.
What sizes of green house are available?
  • 8m x 15m complete farmers Kit
  • 8m x 30m complete farmers Kit
Are there drip kits for small scale farming?
  • Available for 1/8 acre
  • Available for 1/4 acre
  • Available for 1/2 Acre
  • Available for 1 Acre.

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